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Welcome. We are the best website for safe and secure video game cheats. We sell high quality cheats and services for the most popular games on the market. Our mission is to help people who do not have time to gain skill on video games legitimately, but still want to find enjoyment and gain elo or ranks by playing video games regardless. Modern video games require hours of dedication that most people can not affort or invest. Meanwhile, modern video games punish and are not enjoyable for anyone who does not input a severe time investment into them. This is now over. We are the solution!

We recommend visiting the site via a computer for reasons of optimization.

Choose Choron-Cheats and win!

Easy Setup

Getting our Service running only takes a few minutes. We provide extensive guides and tutorials to start quick and easy.

Instand Access

Signing up and checking out is simple, fast and easy. Our service also does not requiere verfication by selfie or ID if you pay trough Crypto. You pay and get your access immediately.

Undetected since 2019

Due to our focus on security and our full ring0 cheats with a unique bypass we are actually 100% undetected and safe. We are also proud that we have not had any detection for 1+ year.


We offer the best price performance you can imagine. With us you get the best possible quality for your money. We are maybe not that cheap like others, but here you pay for quality and safety!

Customer Protection

We support a lot of anti-cheats and have a unique system. If an update appears or is played in the background, our system will close the access until we have updated. Mostly in under 24h.

Fully Customizable

We offer a huge variety of settings to give our customers the best of the best! You can play legit like a pro, semi legit or rage like you are god.

Private Community

We only sell to a selected group of people. All our cheats have limited slots to keep a closed and secured community.

Leading Provider

Most of our products are up and running for months already. Unlike many of our competitors. We are known for very good and long lasting quality.

Best Customer Support

We strongly interact with customers. Our focus is to provide a fast and easy support for all customers. Because without you we are nothing! You make us who we are.

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We are your #1

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