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1. Reputation:
We began selling our work already in 2015 to friends, over an old website and on gaming boards. We are also well known for high quality and a high trust factor on big gaming boards like Elitepvpers or high-minded or ownedcore.
For security reasons we are not able to write down the old name, but old members and friends will see and know who we are.

2. Refund policy:
We accept safe payment methods and have a flexible refund policy, which is rare in this market!
For more informations read: Privacy Policy

3. Free Access:
We know that in this world not everyone has the opportunity to invest money for cheats. Nevertheless, we want to give such people the opportunity to use our products and services and all this free of charge. Therefore, we occasionally offer events with the chance of free memberships for at least 1 month. With this campaign, we are one of the few providers that do not offer a service just for money. Because for us it is more a hobby and thus the fun associated with it. However, it is best to enter our discord in order to always stay up to date regarding events and news.

Currently, the project team consists of the following employees:
Choron [Administrator]
IxHacKoZ [Admin & Technician]
5+ anonymous [Developer & Technicians]
3+ supporter [Customer-support]

Important note:
We don’t have any kind of resellers. Therefore, please be careful and do not fall for fraud attempts.
We also will never ask for payments in DM.
We will never send private discord adds in DM.
We will never send payment address/details in DM.

We don’t have and/or looking for any kind of resellers/promotion (yt/twitch).
Therefore, please be careful and do not fall for fraud attempts.
We will never have Reseller for our Products.
We also will never ask for payments in DM.
We will never send private discord adds in DM.
We will never send a payment address in DM.

Unlike our competitors, we offer really safe and high-quality products and services. Our priorities are:

1. Safety
For us, security is the most important point in combination with cheats, hacks and scripts. We attach great importance to mutual anonymity and security. Accordingly, we do not accept everyone in our community, we can only offer limited previews and we can only accept a limited number of members. For this purpose, we offer further safety aspects, here is a small (not complete) overview:

-> Professional protection & advanced bypass Methods
-> Professional & advanced Firewall
-> Kernel Driver Exploit
-> Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)
-> Stealth Mode
-> No .exe Manipulations
-> Process/Module/PEB Hidding
-> String Destruction
-> Polymorphism
-> CRC32/MD5Checksum
-> Secret tweaks & Algorithms
-> Anti-Debbuger/Disassember/API/Dumper Detection
-> Anti-Leaksystem/HWID Protection
-> Unique coding Technology (unique coded, individual builds for each customer)
-> Automatic access lock after Game Updates (to prevent bans)
-> Silent security Updates
-> Unique spoofing Technology
-> And much more…
Note: This is a general list which cannot be fully implemented for every product.

2. High Quality for low prices
Basically, we would also like to offer our service free of charge, unfortunately, due to the large number of players and the 100% probability of being detected again and again within a few hours and being taken down by the providers is too high. Therefore, we can now offer our memberships only against payment. The Choron team now has over 3 years of programming experience and attaches great importance to quality and customer satisfaction. We are aware that there is often criticism regarding our prices. In this respect, we can only say the following: Quality has its price. We do not offer 0815 coding. We work individually on a daily basis and above all our safety standards are very high. Unlike other providers, we do not expect any detection in the up coming months. Of course, there is always a certain risk, but our status (officially UD since Dec. 2019 and unofficially since Feb 2019) speaks for itself. In addition, we offer a wide range of features and high security standard! In this sense, we offer a completely carefree package at a more than fair price (as example: a lot of private league scripts costs 350$+/month. We only charge 235$/month and offer a way better quality). We always say: Its better to do everything right and pay a little bit more than many cheap attempts that fail anyways in the end and make you unhappy. But in the end, the decision is up to you.

3. Customer satisfaction
We work very closely with our friends and customers. Because without you, we’re nothing. Accordingly, we offer very professional support and also maintain personal contact with our customers. We accept any suggestions and work every day to improve. In order to remedy any dissatisfaction or problems, we have a very flexible Refund Policy. So if things don’t go according to plan, then your money isn’t just gone. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. This project is a hobby for us and the money helps us to make all this possible for you.

Other reasons to choose Choron-Cheats:
-> Easy Setup
-> Instant Access
-> Free & quick Updates
-> Undetected since 2019
-> High Quality for a cheap Price
-> Customer Protections
-> Fully Customizable Products
-> Private Community with limited Slots
-> Leading Provider
-> Best possible Customer Support
-> Open for new Projects/Games
-> We support a lot of Anti-Cheats
-> Truly Safe Products
-> Great and nearly 24/7 Uptime
-> Safe & Secure Payments
-> Quality for PC, XB1 and PS4
-> Advanced Anti-Detection/Update System
-> Privat mobil number for lifetime Customer
-> Privat discord for Customers
-> And much more…

Whoever misses a free place here is himself to blame.

We offer Game Cheats|Hacks|Scripts for:

  • League of Legends
  • Valorant
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Fortnite
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
  • Rainbow Six: Siege
  • Apex Legends
  • Escape from Tarkov
  • Overwatch

We also offer following Services:

  • Personal Coding / on request
  • HWID Spoofing

We support the following Operating System:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • MacOS

We support following Processors:

  • AMD

Support can vary from product to product, so always read the product descriptions carefully.

We offer a small preview for every product and every service. Simply visit our shop and select a product to see a preview. For security reasons and to remain a little hidden, we are not able to provide large previews or videos. Private performances or presentations are not possible due to lack of time and for internal security reasons. It is simply not possible in time and very risky to present a private performance to everyone. Likewise, we can’t just start our client+game to present a preview. There are some background applications that do not allow us to do this, also we are stream and screenshot proofed (which we needs to deactivate)… We therefore ask for your understanding. Nevertheless, there are sometimes small organized live streams in the Discord Channel [Products | Live]. Therefore, we recommend to be active on the discord every day. We hope that you still like the little previews and convince. All the more joy you will experience when you apply the product yourself, see and experience all the features.

Choron-Cheats is a private company. This means that we offer only limited memberships and access. We do not share the exact size of the community and free slots for security reasons.

You can see under each product whether slots are available or not. If all slots are full, this is clearly marked. Then you have to wait until a subscription expires or new slots are opened. A status and timer for new slots can be found here. Note: We only offer 1 month, 3 months and lifetime memberships.

We also offer the option to reserve a slot at a surcharge of 50€. If you are interested, simply open a ticket on discord or send a email request.

Can I still get an extra slot? No, you have to wait like all others! There is a reason why we offer limited slots.

Customer membership information:
Each membership can only be purchased once. For example, if you have already purchased the Fortnite Lite (1 month) membership, then you cannot purchase it again. Since we offer very limited slots and we are focused on a small fixed community, this is the best way to win a solid, trustworthy and close community of lifetime members. This option also gives us the opportunity to welcome new members again and again.

Please look in our Store for the current prices of each product. Questions regarding prices are excluded from support. In principle, we offer discounts only at certain times (e.g. on special events such as Christmas), a discount in individual cases is not possible because the requests are simply too large in this regard. We know that not everyone can afford our products, in this respect we still offer special events. You can find more information on the FAQ under “How do I know that Choron-Cheats is legitimate?” (Point 3)

Our trial event/phase is over. We do not offer any further test/vouch versions with immediate effect. As you can imagine there won’t be any(full) footage/preview of it, We all know about our big friend Riot Games and other publisher who are ready to jerk off on that. Due security reasons we do not provide any more detailed information why and thank you for your understanding. Any further requests regarding test versions will be ignored. We know that everyone would like to test something before deciding on a purchase. However, we simply cannot comply with this request. The requests are too high and we see no reason to profile or confirm us while risking our project and increase the chance to get detected/fucked. If we have not convinced you with our previews, features and current feedback, then you are probably or badly not created for this community and we wish you continued good luck in the search for a suitable provider.

We currently accept the following payment methods:

  • Paysafecards: +20% fees (EUR only)
  • Paypal: +0% fees  (family & friends only)
  • Bitcoins: +10% discount
  • Ethereum: +5% discount

1. Register here.
2. Open ticket on discord and tell there what you looking for.
3. Complete the payment process
4. You recieve a Email with:
– Client Download
– Subscription Key
– Setup Instruction
5. Follow the Instruction and have fun.

The average waiting time for normal support tickets is 30 minutes. A maximum of 12 hours.

For Lifetime members, the average waiting time is 5-15 minutes. A maximum of 1 hour and for emergencies there is a Whatsapp customer service number, where you can directly reach one of our technicians.

The product delivery time after successful payment is 30 minutes to a maximum of 24 hours, depending on the type and status of the payment and our system.

Compared to other providers, yes: we offer you a flexible refund policy. Fore more informations click here.

You can contact us over:


We are your #1

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