Refund Policy

Choron Cheats

You are allowed to request a full or partial refund if:
  • The product you have purchased is unstable or otherwise unusable on your computer due to a technical issue. If you receive a refund for a technical issue you will be suspended for 30 days and may only return to after 30 days. If you attempt to evade your suspension before it has expired your 30 day suspension will be converted into a permanent suspension from
  • You want your money back for reasons unrelated to technical issues e.g. “I don’t want to cheat anymore” or “I want my money back to buy something else”. These refunds requests are handled on a case by case basis and if granted you will be permanently suspended from services.
  • If there is no delivery made, the software has not yet been downloaded, no login was made and the membership has not yet been activated.
    In this case, a full refund request is possible within 72h after payment. (Exceptions are possible)
  • If the product is still not functional 48h after purchase with successful payment by an update or detection.
You cannot receive a refund due to the payment processor’s limitations after payment is received if:
  • You paid using Paysafecards
  • You paid using other Giftcards
(All refund requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis, the decision is made solely by the administration and if approved, you will be permanently excluded from as a member. The decisions of the admins are also not contestable and with the use and/or already by requesting of this service you accept this.) In case of disregard of the terms of use of Choron-Cheats (via as well as on Discord), any claim for a refund is void.